Trailer trolley with synchronized steering system and rollers
SERIES 134 | MODEL 134 – S


Trailer trolley with Synchronized Steering System for an easy and single trajectory of a trolleys journey. Equipped with roller conveyors for picking up the finished product at the end of line. Rain covering. For mixed paving.


  • Four patented rubber wheels “Semi-pneumatic Bertoli ø 300 x 70”,
    with built-in hermetically grease-sealed hubs.
    >    Natural rubber ring studied and made to obtain more elasticity, long life, minimum traction effort
    >    Non-pierceable
    >    Acid, oil, solvent proof
    >    Trace proof
    >    Thermal resistance from + 180°C a – 45°C.
  • Traction effort lower than 100 N/t: a top performance in its field.
To discover all the features of this product, consult the technical sheet.


Standard dimensions:
mm 2900 x 1390
Other dimensions on demand

Standard capacities:
Kg 1.000


Service brake

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