What is production line feeding? As a company, production line feeding coincides with management that aims to have only what is necessary for production, maintenance and marketing thanks to an optimization of flows and a perfect and punctual organization of every handling of goods.

The concept of production lines feeding related to the concept of lean production. Thanks to a set of techniques and strategies that eliminate waste and maximize profits in production processes, each company must distinguish value-added activities from non-value-added ones.

Production line feeding: how it does change over time and which are the advantages

Production line feeding has considerably changed over time. With the use of lean production and with this new way of organizing work, the perspective in each company has changed from a push to a pull optics.

Due to the spread of Toyota method and the desire to emulate a winning reality, in recent years companies have started an important internal reorganization. This has given at the production line feeding system a strategic importance for the achievement of company goals.

Nowadays, to maximize their earnings, every general director must aim to minimize inventories, organize loading units and increase the frequency of feeding. To improve the efficiency of the product cycle flows, make the line more flexible, lean and dynamic, only the necessary must be brought to the assembly line.

Bertoli trolleys for production line feeding

Bertoli trolleys dedicated to supplying production lines are trolleys designed to have maximum flexibility and dynamism in every factory. They are perfect resources that allow you to reduce waste, work times and satisfy different business needs.

The structures of the trolleys are designed and built with accuracy, to last over time and allow continuous use with optimal performance even after many years.

The experience gained and the know-how acquired have made Bertoli one of the leaders in this sector. Bertoli studies and supplies customized trolleys to each customer, in order to improve loading, unloading and transport activities to ensure a significant costs reduction.

What are strengths of Bertoli trolleys?

What are strengths of Bertoli trolleys for production line feeding?

All trolleys are designed to be versatile and dynamic and to facilitate work on assembly lines, organizing flows and making the line safe and effective. The real strengths therefore consist of:

  1. functionality
  2. performances
  3. ability to respond to specific needs
  4. long lasting
  5. guarantee of maximum safety

Thanks to the use of new technologies, Bertoli designs and manufactures its own trolleys creating tailor made products for its customers to meet their needs and requirements.