Cantilever trolley for pallets
SERIES 50 | MODEL 50 – R


Cantilever trolley for euro pallets, equipped with four pivoting wheels. Trolley can be lifted by forklift.


  •  Four wheels groups, all twinned and pivoting, “Bertoli ø 200 x 50”, can be partitioned, our patent.
    >    Pivoting forks:
    –    Body fork made of welded pressed sheet-steel;
    –    Hub made in C40 steel;
    –    Vertical hub with high precision bearing housing.
    >    Our particular system of fork swivelling on vertical hub, allows to distribute the load on two ball bearings, and guarantees a great handling and long life. The rounded form of the rubber ring makes better all these characteristics. The twinned wheels bring down the sliding frictions.
    >    The rubber rings are belted with multiple layers of special rubberized canvas, to guarantee non-deformability and long life.
    >    Natural rubber ring studied and made to obtain more elasticity, long life, minimum traction effort.
    >    Not-pierceable
    >    Acid, oil, solvent proof
    >    Trace proof
    >    Thermal resistance from + 180°C a – 45°C
  •  Traction effort lower than 100 N/t: a top performance in its field.
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