Hospital Trolleys

Hospital trolleys for services are widely used within healthcare environments. Thanks to these practical objects, in fact, it is possible to move large quantities of linen or waste in a practical, hygienic and fast way.

Trolleys for hospital waste

Trolleys for hospital waste are created to allow the simple transport of waste in hospitals. In fact, here it is common to encounter difficulties in the management of waste and in its transport.

Bertoli has devised a series of hospital trolleys designed specifically for the correct management of waste in hospitals. Our hospital trolleys sector is large and also includes hospital laundry trolleys.

Hospital laundry trolleys

The hospital laundry trolleys are specially designed for the transport of linen and clothing in the hospital.

Today Bertoli offers the most efficient hospital trolleys.

Hospital waste trolleys

Bertoli sells hospital waste trolleys that stand out for their quality and attention to detail. By purchasing one of these trolleys you are purchasing the best for your hospital.

For years we have been closed to the main Italian and foreign health institutes, to offer trolleys for hospital waste in addition to practical laundry trolleys and manual trolleys.

Thanks to the hospital waste trolleys you can easily sort and transport your waste wherever you want with comfort and without effort.
Our trolleys are therefore created to avoid those common efforts, or continuous journeys, typical of those who must carry large quantities of heavy or bulky objects or materials.

The advantages of Bertoli hospital trolleys

Our hospital trolleys have numerous advantages beginning from their structure:

  • Lightweight and sturdy pressed sheet structure
  • Rubber wheels with high smoothness and durability
  • Bumpers
  • Parking brake acting on the rear wheels
  • Swivel fork on vertical axial hub

Officine Bertoli works to guarantee quality, designing and manufacturing the best hospital trolleys, which can also be totally customized.

Why should you choose Bertoli hospital trolleys?

Bertoli steel hospital trolleys are designed to allow easy transport of waste and linen in healt facilities.
Choosing a Bertoli product means relying on the quality of the Made in Italy and on the reliability of a company with decades of experience.
Bertoli offers Hospital Trolleys also designed for the transport of food and stuff for canteens. They stand out for the refinement of accessories, such as bumper or parking brake and other particular construction systems.