Hand trolleys

Manual trolleys are useful tools for companies for the internal transport of goods. Using manual trolleys it is very easy to move any bulky or heavy object from side to side, in spaces and rooms inside your workplace.

Hand trolleys

Hand trolleys are fundamental allies of warehouse workers for the handling of materials, made with a single platform or shelves.

Indeed, they are usually used in warehouses to allow the movement of goods from one point to another.

Without these precious tools, the manual movement of goods would be unimaginable, but thanks to a simple hand trolley, you too can safely transport even very heavy packages.

The advantages of a hand trolley

A 4-wheeled manual trolley can bring numerous advantages to your warehouse such as:i:

  • Quick work management.
  • Less effort for the operator.
  • Better working conditions.
  • Autonomy and speed in freight transport.

How are our manual trolleys made?

Bertoli manual trolleys are built to offer full efficiency and maintenance over time of the characteristics:

  • Lightweight and sturdy frames
  • Particularly smooth and long-lasting wheel system
  • Particular attention to detail.

Why should you choose a manual Bertoli trolley?

Trolleys made by Bertoli are a guarantee of resistance and success. With our products you have a high-quality instrument, totally Made in Italy. Our company manufactures both standard and customized means, suitable for the handling needs of your business, designed to make work easier, paying particular attention to efficiency, durability and accident prevention.

The goal of each device is to optimize the movements and to make the transport flexible. This is thanks to a know-how acquired and continuously enriched since the early 1930s. Bertoli trolleys are equipped with rubber wheels we make ourselves.

We work for the European Space Agency in French Guiana, CERN in Geneva, Gemeaz Elior, Fischer, Still, Toyota, Trenitalia and many others. These brands find in Bertoli competence and a company that invests in quality.