Trailer Trolleys

Bertoli trailer trolleys offer the best quality in the transport of materials and people, both inside and outside the factory.

The trailer trolleys can be hooked into a convoy for mechanized towing by industrial tractor.

What are trailer trolleys?

Trailer trolleys are often vehicles pulled by a tractor through special towing systems.

Trailer trolley is equipped with a front tow bar and a rear tow hook to be connected to the tractor and to form a convoy of several units.

On our website there are different types of trailer trolleys, including:

  • Flatbed trailer trolleys
  • Trailer trolleys with synchronized steering system
  • Trailer trolleys for pallets
  • Catering trailer trolleys
  • Lowbed trailer trolleys

The features of our trailer trolleys

The standard set-ups available allow you to equip the structure according to your needs of use.

We produce a wide range of models for transporting goods, designed to facilitate movement and ensure maximum durability and reliability.

Dimensions, capacity, equipment, wheels and set-up are, however, diversified in terms of flexibility and necessities.

Towing these trailer trolleys demands minimal traction effort in order to reduce the energy required.

Why should you choose a Bertoli trolley?

In over ninety years of activity, Bertoli has distinguished itself for its ability to design, study and implement solutions to improve the quality of its trailer trolleys and manual trolleys.

We work for the European Space Agency in French Guiana, CERN in Geneva, Gemeaz Elior, Fischer, Still, Toyota, Trenitalia and many. These brands find in Bertoli competence and a company that invests in quality.