Lean production

Lean Production

Lean Production or Lean manufacturing comes from the thought and concrete action of lean thinking that aim to improve business processes to obtain excellent output creating value for the customer.

From many years Officine Bertoli provides suitable solutions for Lean Production. It deals with technical consultancy, design and creation of equipment to support manual and automatic productions lines in different fields of application.

What's lean production?

Lean Production focuses on creating value with as little work as possible. There are many benefits that we expect from the application and use of Bertoli trolleys for Lean Production.
The range of trolleys for the transport of materials by Officine Bertoli is what you are looking for as part of your industrial production process.

The trolleys offered are ideal for transporting loads, to feed workstations or production lines, to make an easier internal logistic.
The aim of making the line more flexible, lean and dynamic has led Bertoli to study specific material handling solutions, with the development of products that meet the needs of the customer.

Bertoli already plays a fundamental rule in the complex world of Lean Production of many companies. Its trolleys are used to increase the efficiency of the product cycle flows, in the production processes and in the assembly steps.

Lean production and Officine Bertoli

The first important collaboration with Carraro and Porsche Engineering dates back to 2000s when the synchronized steering system has been used with success in a Lean process. Afterwards Bertoli designed and realized products for the assembly lines of motorcycles in Aprilia.

In both cases, to increase profitability and efficiency, the goal was to reorganize the activities to improve the flow in the assembly lines.

Bertoli products offer smoothness and maneuvering easiness. On them it is also possible to provide a system that guarantees excellent manual handling. In some cases, trolleys from other suppliers have been integrated with new Bertoli trolleys to optimize and improve the existing trolleys fleet.

The trolleys for lean production are suitable for various areas of application such as industrial logistics, automation lines, warehouses and assembly lines.
An important feature of a Bertoli synchronized steering system trailer trolleys is to maintain the same trajectory when they are hooked into a convoy and towed by a tractor. To meet your needs, it is also possible to create mechanized convoys of several units. This optimizes the frequency of collection and delivery of materials.

Tailor made forn Lean Production

Officine Bertoli trolleys allow you to use the Milkrun method for the transport of goods. Milk run, in logistics, is a process for inbound deliveries to warehouses or distribution centers. These deliveries can involve internal or external supply chains.
To couple the convoy to the engine, trolleys are equipped with drawbars. The strong collaboration with industrial tractor manufacturers gives to Bertoli the possibility to offer different types of tractors to ensure agile and intuitive operations.

Milkrun is an excellent example of lean management principle applied to logistics: trolleys designed for Milkrun are essential allies to better manage your Lean Production.
The industrial trolleys for assembly lines produced by Bertoli also guarantee maximum reliability and safety because they are designed and manufactured in compliance with the provisions of the Machinery Directive 2006 / 42 / EC.

Production lines with Bertoli trolleys

Material handling has already been for years subject of several study for our customers. Therefore, the solved cases turn out to be a good starting point for new projects.
New challenges allow to refine products, increasing functional, performing and responding to specific needs.
Also pay attention to new technology promotes the innovation of design. For example, trolleys can be realized for the movement of robotized and/or automatic systems, AGV.

Systems and equipment can be standard or customized with special attention to ergonomics and always improvement oriented.

In the last few years Officine Bertoli consolidates business relationship with well-known companies such as Came, Fondital, Electrolux, Aermec, Ferroli, Whirlpool, Costan, Webasto, Indeva, Toshiba, Fiat.
In all cases, the common factor is to supply the line through Bertoli trolleys ensuring constant feeding and increasing flexibility.

A good Bertoli trolley facilitates work on assembly lines, organizing flows and making line fast and effective.
Born to be versatile and dynamic, Bertoli production line trolleys offer innovative solutions and application in integrated logistics, handling in warehouses, supplying chain or any other area.