Industrial trolleys

Industrial trolleys are equipment used to transport goods in warehouses.

These are structures created to facilitate those who work inside warehouses to move materials, pallets and products in general.

These means were born and spread rapidly in the commercial and production sectors, for the management of loading and unloading of materials in factory and warehouse.

Bertoli industrial trolleys

With industrial trolleys it is possible to:

  • improve the organization of pallet handlingi
  • optimize the movement of heavy or bulky products and boxes
  • speed up warehouse processes.

These are essential allies for any company, fully customizable according to your technical needs. Bertoli deals with the creation of customized industrial trolleys, created especially for you.

The wheels of industrial trolleys

Our industrial trolleys are equipped with rubber wheels we make ourselves.

Because Bertoli is not only a workshop, but also a technical design office and a research center, it gives superior quality to industrial trolleys.

The rubber wheels are made up of a dismountable molded steel plate rotating on a built-in hub with double ball bearings.

The pivoting fork system, rotating on an axial vertical hub, allows the distribution of the load on double ball bearings.

We know the importance of these tools and for this reason we decided to design and manufacture most of the components of our trolleys.

The advantages of our industrial trolleys

Our industrial trolleys have several advantages:

  • They are equipped with special rubber wheels which guarantee a traction effort of less than 100N/t: unique performance in their category
  • The rubber wheels are non-marking, oil and solvents resistant and can operate at temperatures between + 180 °C and – 45 °C
  • The rotation system of the swivel forks guarantees high maneuverability and maintenance of efficiency over time.

Some models allow mechanized handling because they are equipped with quick coupling devices. Both manual and mechanized handling are possible.
All these characteristics arise and develop from the dialogue between Bertoli and customer. Listening to your needs, over the years, has made us leader in the design and production of industrial trolleys.

Why shoul you choose Bertoli?

Bertoli trolleys for industries are synonymous of quality and durability.

We are specialized in hand trolleys since many years to provide you the very best on the market.

Our equipment is designed to last over time and continue to guarantee the same performance even after many years. You would always be sure that you have chosen quality by purchasing a Bertoli trolley.

It is possible to request a customized industrial trolley tailored for you.

What are you waiting for? Order your industrial trolley now, just in the way you want it!