Trailer trolley for pipes and bars transport
SERIES 20 | MODEL 20 – R


Trailer trolley for pipes and bars transport, equipped with double “V” head.


  •  Four patented rubber wheels “Bertoli ø 370 x 75” or “Bertoli ø 400 x 95”, with built-in hermetically grease-sealed hubs.
    >    Natural rubber ring studied and made to obtain more elasticity, long life, minimum traction effort
    >    Non-pierceable
    >    Acid, oil, solvent proof
    >    Trace proof
    >    Thermal resistance from + 180°C a – 45°C.
  •  Traction effort lower than 100 N/t: a top performance in its field.
To discover all the features of this product, consult the technical sheet.


Trailer Trolley for transport of pipes and bars with maximum length mm 6000

kg 1.500 with wheels “Bertoli ø 370 x 75”
kg 3.000 with wheels “Bertoli ø 400 x 95”


Loading platform for sheets with maximum length mm 2500.

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