Trailer trolley equipped with tank
series: 121 | model: 121 - S

Trailer trolley equipped with tank

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Tank trailer trolley for supply of drinking water to the railway carriages.
For crossing tracks close to the ground.
For mixed paving.


  • Four patented rubber wheels “Semi-pneumatic Bertoli ø 400 x 80”, with built-in hermetically grease-sealed hubs.
    • Natural rubber ring studied and made to obtain more elasticity, long life, minimum traction effort
    • Imperforabile
    • Acid, oil, solvent proof
    • Trace proof
    • Thermal resistance from + 180°C a - 45°C.
  • Traction effort lower than 100 N/t: a top performance in its field.
  • Trolley structure wholly made of welded pressed sheet-steel and box-worked steel; this guarantees the best structural strength and allows the necessary elasticity.
  • Steering is made of tubular, pressed steel plate, and it rotates on large grinded hardened steel bearing running on continuous pre-lubricated balls.
  • The front axle is cushioned by a patented rubber bearing; this system eliminates frame torsion and permit oscillations and anti shock effect.
  • Automatic parking brake with the possibility to put the Drawbar in vertical position to avoid an accidental fall.
  • Drawbar: a hardy tubular construction, appropriately reinforced by a special double shell pressed sheet steel that contains the hook.
  • Posterior tow-hook, type anti-unthreading stud, with safety locking, as from Industrial injury legislation. Elastic connection with the possibility of oscillation of ± 15 °, cushioned rubber.
  • Self-bearing fibreglass tank:
    • Grading scale,
    • Upper manhole cover with connection for loading water and vent,
    • Too-full protected against the foreign bodies intrusion,
    • Lower sump with drain.
  • For capacity less than or equal to 600 litres: simple tank. For capacity exceeding 600 litres: tank divided by one or more antislosh baffles, to guarantee stability also with partial load.
  • Lower and perimetrical fender.
  • The tank, inserted in the frame, is protected from side and lower impact.
  • Self-priming motor pump, 24V DC.
  • Delivery pipe: an articulated arm (with rest vertical position), tilting and rotating 220° during working operation, with automatic return.
  • “Stäubli” fittings (other on request)
  • Power by special cable, fixed to the drawbar, to connect to the tractor (previously equipped).
  • A rear socket, allows to give power to another trolley.
  • Starting control pump by electric-micromanipulator (dead man switch). Key selector, emergency push button, pilot light.
  • Trolley anticorrosive treatment: degreasing and one coat of rust-proofed with zinc-phosphate treatment. Painting with polyurethane bi-component.
  • Tank treatment: cold-water paint.


Tank capacity:
L 600
L 1000
Other dimensions on demand

24V DC power supply standard, other on request

“Stäubli” fittings, other on request

Accessories on request

  • Company Logos


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